Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quote Of The Day


                         In life we are always trying to impress others ,but what I have learned in the last three years is that you have to build your own happiness.Not everyone will agree with what your doing , but if  it make you happy then do it. I have always tried to please others in my life , but I decide one day that I was not happy with the life I was living . I did not  want to be a lawyer like my mother wanted and i also did not want to pretend to be some one I not  .I  mean we try to make our self seem like we have it all together , but we do not . I have no idea where life is going to take me , I know it will be doing something that I love and  that it will be worth it in the end . I hope that you  too can find what make you happy in the world and do it. I believe that you were blessed with this amazing life so you should make the best out of it.  So go find what you love and do it , make sure that you have one of the most memorable life ever.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Stripes and Pink

So today was a gloom day, so I decide to wear this strip shirt.  I love to wear black and white when it cold outside. I paired it with this black combat boots so it cute but comfortable at the same time. I was going to school so we wanted to keep this look simple.  I add the necklace so that it could give it a pop of color. I went for tight because it a more comfy  choose . On Monday i really don't like to try that hard,  so this an outfit that is perfect for a day that you want to look put together but it look like you didn't try that hard

Xoxox Pauli

Saturday, September 21, 2013

M.A.C: Retro Matte Lipstick- Fixed on Drama


 So recently i have wanted a new lipstick color that would be good for the fall time.I love wearing darker lipstick in the fall because it just look so amazing .I went to my local mac counter and asked one of the lady for a  dark red or purple color. The lady  that was working their first showed me media and it was a dark red color but for me it wasn't dramatic enough  . Then i tried on the color diva and it was a nice deep red color as well but it sill wasn't what I was looking for , but then she showed me this color Fixed On Drama and it a darker color like both media  and diva and a nice matte finish. this is a nice color that gives you a kind of vampy look that is always big around the fall time. The only problem is that it can make your lip dry if you don't apply a chap stick or lip balm , other then that I feel that this is a amazing color for the fall and winter time and it also at a good price only 15 dollars for it .

Recommendation: Also Rebel is a really beautiful color for fall ans winter and also look good on all skin tones. This lipstick is my all time favorites for the winter and fall time

First Fall Look

As were heading into colder weather and warm drink , it time for us to pull out are best fall outfit. I love going a little bit darker in the fall time from the clothes to the lipstick I wear . I feel that fall is all about playing with color and print that you think are to risque to wear during the summer or spring. This fall I am loving leather and black.So today I decided to put together a very casual kind of look that involves my black leather vest and my new lipstick by mac called fixed on drama ( I will have a review on the product soon ). It getting colder near the area I live in so I thought that it time to bring out the layers. I love to wear top that are a little over sized because they are so comfortable to wear .I paired it with a jean jacket because it was cold outside and i thought it would be a nice piece to have with the over sized  shirt. I add the leather vest to give it a more edgy look and the black skirt was worn because it still nice enough to wear skirt outside.The heels are by Micheal Kors and the are nice way to finish up this outfit so that it have a more polish look. But if you live in a colder area adding a pair of tight will make this outfit cozy and stylish. This leather vest in this outfit will be a staple for mine in the fall time this year

Thank you all for reading this .See you next time .
                    xoxo Pauli

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