Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quote Of The Day


                         In life we are always trying to impress others ,but what I have learned in the last three years is that you have to build your own happiness.Not everyone will agree with what your doing , but if  it make you happy then do it. I have always tried to please others in my life , but I decide one day that I was not happy with the life I was living . I did not  want to be a lawyer like my mother wanted and i also did not want to pretend to be some one I not  .I  mean we try to make our self seem like we have it all together , but we do not . I have no idea where life is going to take me , I know it will be doing something that I love and  that it will be worth it in the end . I hope that you  too can find what make you happy in the world and do it. I believe that you were blessed with this amazing life so you should make the best out of it.  So go find what you love and do it , make sure that you have one of the most memorable life ever.

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